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Monday, October 20, 2003
One down, one more midterm to go. Since I'll be studying all night, I decided to take a little break from quantitative and BLOG!

What I'm pondering tonight... "How does society accept new technology?" As any new gadget or service, many people are skeptical at first. Like anything unknown, people tend to step back and examine it first, then may or may not accept it. Look at electricity, the radio, and television and how everyone can hardly live without it today. I came across this interesting graph of "how society accepts technology." When the Internet first emerged, people were unsure about its uses. Even today, I know of some people that are still Internet/technologically challenged. However, those people will soon become mainstream if not already. There's also the other side of things, where people want to be the first to have anything new. I don't know about being the first, but I would LOVE to have the oh-so-cute EX-Z4U Digital Camera <--that would be a nice birthday present.

Anyways, to answer my own question, I think acceptance of technology is like when I first started driving in Texas. I used to take the little roads to places because I was unfamiliar with all the aggressive Texas driving, but once I got the hang of things...highways are the way to go (when there's no traffic).
Sunday, October 19, 2003
Another weekend at home studying. Although Comps is over, studying for two back-to-back midterms and recovering from the flu is quite a task. Didn't even get the chance to go to the Texas State Fair. I guess there's always next year. After midterms are over, it'll be a week long birthday celebration for myself....can't wait. :)

As for newspaper coverage of online dating, I believe that there was a negative stigma about online dating in the past, where as today, people are more open to that concept of dating. Looking through the New York Times online edition, I came across an article titled "Online Dating Sheds It's Stigma as Losers.com" by Amy Harmon. She states that in the past, online dating was a disrespectable way to meet others; however, now it has become a widely popular social arena for everyone and anyone. According to Score Media Metrix, a web tracking service, found that more than 45 million Americans visited online sites last month, 10 million more than the 35 million at the end of 2002. Thousands of people actually pay to join these online dating services, making Match.com the leading online dating site. It receives about 800,000 subscribers paying $24.95 per month. There have been so many new similiar sites that popped up such as Great-Expectations.net, AmericanSingles.com, MatchMaker.com, and more.

You can basically find your ideal person through these online dating services. A person can get as specific or general as she or he wants. Generally, people can chose the gender, race, height, weight, etc. Then, the online dating service generates the results with your ideal match. It seems pretty simple, but I think there may be more than what's on the surface. Online meetings are still not the same as having personal contact. Also, safety must be taken into consideration, such as when people fly across the country for the first face-to-face meetings. I think I'm gettin off topic, but this should be enough for today. Back to studying for the Theories midterm. :(
Thursday, October 16, 2003
One of the all-time best news I've heard today was that I passed Comps!!!! Comps can definitely take a toll on a person, but the relief that knowing you don't have to worry about it ever again, makes the whole process worth it!

After many emails and suggestions, I finally have a specific research topic. I will be conducting a content analysis of news coverage of online dating -- in terms of looking at how society/culture accepts new technology. Dating is a crucial part of life. With the advent of technology, dating styles have changed. Before analyzing current styles, such as online dating, it's important to look at dating in the past. This site is a good overview of the transformation of dating a.k.a. courtship, History of Dating. Can you imagine still having an arranged marriage to a stranger, or even worse, a stranger that's 50 years older than you?!?
Wednesday, October 01, 2003
Too much work....so little time.

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